About us

We are awesome

FuturaKid was established in February 2018. FuturaKid d.o.o. provides online interactive English learning classes and it is focused on online education of children age 4-16. We are the world famous education publishing group, and the strategic partner of McGraw-Hill education brand in China. The company won Tencent award “2018 China famous brand children’s English”. It is based on the enterprise values of integrity, pragmatics, and innovation. It adheres to the education, science and technology; it is complementary with the pursuit of perfection and quality of the teaching concept, and it carefully builds the trust of parents, providing the chance of improving their children’s English skills.


Our mission is to increase the number of fluent English speakers in China. We aim to provide the best language learning experience to the students. Futura Kid is committed to the teachers and the students’ growth not only in the learning process of teaching and learning English but also in the cultural and social aspects.


We will achieve our vision by providing an inspirational environment for our teachers and creating sustainable value for our business through growth and development.

Meet the teachers

Hello everyone! My name is Danica and I’ve been working for Futura Kid since it was established in 2018. We started from scratch but look at us now! We are constantly growing and I love how well we function all together in our Belgrade office. Teachers work as a team, we help and support each other and have lots of fun in between classes. Kids are amazing and super cute. The best thing I love about Futura Kid is the fact that we work with our regular students, which means that we follow their progress since the very beginning and have a close relationship with all of them. We are like a big family!

Hi everyone! I am Nena and I have been with Futura Kid for a long time, and I have all the best to say about my experience! My classes with regular students feel less like work and more like playing with my nephews, sometimes! Working has improved my teaching style and techniques with the help of my colleagues in between classes, too! Most of the times, it doesn’t even feel like work, since we all laugh and chat in between classes. It is so easy to work with people you see as family! 

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